Thursday, February 2, 2012

7 months

Another month, come and gone! Chloe is 7 months. She is changing so much. She sits up so well now and is usually happy sitting on the ground with some toys. She HATES getting dressed. She doesn't mind it if you can do it while she is sitting up, but if you lay her down then watch out! She loves avacados and most real food. She does ok with baby food but it's much harder to get down. She is still a good sleeper. She sleeps the whole night and then takes 3 naps a day. She is starting to get mad, if you take something from her that she likes. She grunts all the time, especially when she is eating or in the car. She gives the best big, wet, slobbery kisses. I love this girl!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

I love her cute little outfit!

Alysia said...

Cute picture! I still think that she is like a tiny littly doll. I can't believe she is 7 months!