Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Crazy Adventure to Hawaii

*We both forgot our cameras so these are unfortunately all from my phone.*

Shelby playing at the park

My mom and the kids by a jelly bean Statue of Liberty.

Chloe was a trooper!

Sunrise over Honolulu

The hotel had this cool home of penguins, turtles and fish.

Love this!


Shelby and Keaton wanted to swim all day!

Chloe loved it too and only ate the sand once!

Beach babe!

Shelby loved this waterslide at our hotel.


Keaterbug loves his sis.

Diamondhead. Yes please.


Silly Keaton

They had fireworks on the beach at our hotel. So awesome!

My mom rented this paddleboard. It was so much fun.

Just like a pro!

The view from the lobby of the hotel.

Shelby and Keaton got to hold these birds. Shelby especially loved it.

Well we had quite the adventure this past week. My mom and I wanted to go to Hawaii so we decided to order some standby tickets on other airlines and try to make it work. We decided last minute to leave Tuesday night to Las Vegas to try and make a connection to Honolulu there. Well we got in about 10pm and they said that we would not make the flight to Hawaii so we decided to get a hotel and try again in the morning. The next day was Shelby's birthday. We did not make the morning flight so we thought we would spend the day there and enjoy Shelby's birthday because the next flight was not until that night. We went to a park and the kids had a great time playing and we had a picnic. We got a hotel again so the kids could take a nap. That evening we went to Caesars palace and watched the statues and went to the Cheesecake factory. Shelby had a fun time for her birthday. The flight was not until 1:35 in the morning so we made our way back to the airport around 11pm. Well we did not make that flight either. :( We were done trying out of Las Vegas so we decided to go to Los Angeles at 6 in the morning. We did not want to go back to our hotel for just 2 hours so we slept at the airport. It was not fun. I think we were all pretty much over this great idea and ready to go home. Well we made it to LA and then made the first flight to Honolulu. We were trying to get to Kona but that was not happening so we just decided to stay. It ended up being wonderful. We stayed at the fabulous Hilton Hawaiian Village. It was truly amazing. Loved it! We had LOTS of fun playing at the beach and in the hotels private cove. We did some shopping and ate some yummy papaya and pineapple. It was a warm and wonderful. We came home on Sunday and for the most part had no problems except that my mom and me had to go home on different flights from LAX.. Next time we need to stay MUCH longer! The kids did SO well through all of this. It was a little stressful but we had so much fun with my mom. Thanks for being our travel buddy mom!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Love the pictures!!

Alysia said...

You are brave but it would have been so worth it for a few days in hawaii. The pictures are cute.

Nancy said...

It was a great trip! Fun to spend time with my daughter and Shelby, Keaton and Chloe where ever we are! Especially Hawaii!