Saturday, April 28, 2012


Ok, who would have thought that I would have a 7 year old girl that begged me to go to the reptile expo? It STILL cracks me up! I had quite a few people tell me about the expo coming to the Farmington Fair Grounds today so I told Shelby I would take her. It was better then Christmas morning for her...except she begged me to get her a snake or a gecko. I literally almost caved but I am not quite there yet!


 That bottom snake was $1000!

 Keaton's favorite was the scorpians.

 Finally!  She got her hands on a snake!

 I think she was speaking parsel-tongue.  She LOVED this one!

 Keaton decided to get in on the fun.


Morgan said...

I am sure she was speaking to that are a good mom to take her...i don't know if i would be brave. :-)

tysqui said...

Where do your kids come from? They're nuts! (And far braver than I)...

The Lilly's said...

You are a far better mother than I! Looks like the kids had the time of their lives.

Alysia said...

You really are thinking of letting her have one?! AAAHHH!