Thursday, May 31, 2012

First and Last of First

11 months!

3 more weeks until my baby girl is one.  Shut the front door.  Chloe is very different then Shelby and Keaton were as babies.  She is SO strong-willed and defiant already! She wants things now and maybe even a little bit sooner.  She gets so mad at dinner time because if you are eating something then you better be giving her some of it.  Lately she is pulling herself up to EVERYTHING.  I think it will still be a while before she walks though.  She likes to wave bye-bye, loves her ba-ba(bottle) and likes to make these weird growly noises.  She takes a 3+ hour afternoon nap and still sleeps 11 hours a night.  Life is good.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our weekend project.

And by our, I mean Tuckers.
 The very beginning.
 Keaton "helped" almost the whole time.  He is such a daddy's boy. He liked to sit in the shade under our back deck.
 Trying out the power tools.
 Getting closer
 Day 2.  Take a break in the tree.
 Getting ready to put the roof on.
 Putting the swings on
Trying it out!
  Woohoo!!  All finished.

Tucker tackled this project all by himself.  He is such a perfectionist that I know he wanted to be in charge of the whole thing.  It took 2 full days but he finished it and the kids are in heaven.  We have wanted a swing set forever and we are now ready for the best summer ever!

Playing outside

We have been enjoying this weather so much.  I love this time of year!
 Chloe stands on her head all the time now.  This is usually how she looks when I go in her room after a nap or in the morning.

 Enjoying some water time. Shelby looks so big here!
 Chloe loved standing up to the water table.  She loves to be a part of whatever the big kids are doing.
This picture makes me happy.  My 3 loves.

Onward to Kindergarten!

Keaton is officially a preschool graduate.  He had a cute program and did great memorizing his lines.  His teacher, Mrs Jennifer was adorable and Keaton loved her!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Quiz

Shelby and Keaton did the cutest Mother's Day Quiz about me.  Here are their answers:
How old is your mom? S: 29 K: 12
My mom weighs ____ pounds. S: 105 K: 30
My mom's favorite color is____ S: Red K: Pink
My mom's favorite food is____ S: Salad K: Macaroni
My mom always says"____" S: Be good K: Go play
My mom cooks the best ____ S: Macaroni K: Macaroni...I must make that a little too much!
My mom's job is ____ S: Mom K: To take care of me
My mom laugh's when ____ S: I make her K: I say funny stuff
If my mom had time, she would love to ____ S: Take a walk K: Eat dinner
My mom and I like to ____ S: Spend time together K: Play together
My mom really loves ____ S: Jewelery.  :) K: To play games with me
I love my mom because ____ S: She is nice K: She plays with me

It made me laugh!

Monday, May 7, 2012

2 Wheeler!

Keaton learned how to ride a 2-wheeler a few weeks ago.  He picked up on it so fast and is now a champ!  Don't you love the princess bike?  Poor Keaton sure gets the shaft with boy things.  He doesn't mind though.

10 months!

Well, its more like 10.5 months, but here we are!  Chloe is FINALLY crawling.  She just started yesterday.  She also had the flu yesterday.  Babies should be exempt from sicknesses like that.  Chloe is so much fun.  She is a major mama's girl still.  She still loves any and all food.  She says dada, all done and baba(bottle).  She refuses to say mama anymore.  Silly girl.  She also started throwing tantrums.  She will bonk her head down on the ground and cry.  It's quite amusing.  We love her!!