Thursday, May 31, 2012

11 months!

3 more weeks until my baby girl is one.  Shut the front door.  Chloe is very different then Shelby and Keaton were as babies.  She is SO strong-willed and defiant already! She wants things now and maybe even a little bit sooner.  She gets so mad at dinner time because if you are eating something then you better be giving her some of it.  Lately she is pulling herself up to EVERYTHING.  I think it will still be a while before she walks though.  She likes to wave bye-bye, loves her ba-ba(bottle) and likes to make these weird growly noises.  She takes a 3+ hour afternoon nap and still sleeps 11 hours a night.  Life is good.


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

She looks so big in that chair!!

Anonymous said...

wow, another absolutely beautiful child! :) made by Rachelle :)