Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day Quiz

Shelby and Keaton did the cutest Mother's Day Quiz about me.  Here are their answers:
How old is your mom? S: 29 K: 12
My mom weighs ____ pounds. S: 105 K: 30
My mom's favorite color is____ S: Red K: Pink
My mom's favorite food is____ S: Salad K: Macaroni
My mom always says"____" S: Be good K: Go play
My mom cooks the best ____ S: Macaroni K: Macaroni...I must make that a little too much!
My mom's job is ____ S: Mom K: To take care of me
My mom laugh's when ____ S: I make her K: I say funny stuff
If my mom had time, she would love to ____ S: Take a walk K: Eat dinner
My mom and I like to ____ S: Spend time together K: Play together
My mom really loves ____ S: Jewelery.  :) K: To play games with me
I love my mom because ____ S: She is nice K: She plays with me

It made me laugh!


becky rigby said...

Haha, I love it! I especially love Keaton's response for if you had time you would "eat dinner" haha

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's just too cute!