Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our weekend project.

And by our, I mean Tuckers.
 The very beginning.
 Keaton "helped" almost the whole time.  He is such a daddy's boy. He liked to sit in the shade under our back deck.
 Trying out the power tools.
 Getting closer
 Day 2.  Take a break in the tree.
 Getting ready to put the roof on.
 Putting the swings on
Trying it out!
  Woohoo!!  All finished.

Tucker tackled this project all by himself.  He is such a perfectionist that I know he wanted to be in charge of the whole thing.  It took 2 full days but he finished it and the kids are in heaven.  We have wanted a swing set forever and we are now ready for the best summer ever!


Morgan said...

I LOVE it :) Way to go Tucker!!!!

T.Irwin said...

I love the first comment. Eric and I are the same. "We" have a weekend project and by "we," I really mean HE will do the work and I will supervise, comment and calm him down when he messes up. LOL!

What a great swing set.

Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures Rachelle!!!! I love the new swing set! Looks like so much fun!