Saturday, June 30, 2012

Syracuse Parade

Shelby was in the syracuse parade today with Syracuse Dance Acadamy.  A lot of the fam came so it was fun to sit with everyone.  The BEST part of all is that there was FREE snowcones by where we were sitting.  Yum!
 Shelby after her float was done.

 Teagan and Lauren.
 Mom and Dad
Keaton was feeding Avery his snowcone.  It was cute.

 Morgan and miss Aves.
 Cheryce and Paige
 Jord and Avery
 Snow cones!!
 Chloe was being ornery with grandpa.

Chloe's party!

I did not take nearly as many pictures as I wanted to, because I forgot my camera!  Luckily Debby let us use hers.  We had the party's at the in-laws.  They have lots of shade and were kind enough to let us use it.  Chloe's party was black and pink.  It was ADORABLE!
We went to the Dr a few days after her birthday for her 1 year check up.  Here are the stats...
Weight: 16lb 12oz (1%)...I thought for sure this had to be wrong, so I had them re-weigh her, but it was right.  All the girl does is eat!! 
Length: 28 3/4 inches (59%) Still just a long and skinny girl. 
 Dinner time!
 Teagan and Ellie
 Reese, Shelby and Keaton
 Lovebirds 1
 Lovebirds 2
 Lauren and my dad eating Paige.
 Eat it Jordan!
 The cute cake pops I made.  We had a pasta bar with marinara and fetticine sauce, carrots, braidy bread, fruit salad and mini muffins.  It was all very good.
 I hung a timeline of Chloe's first year of life.  She has changed so much!!
 The birthday girl by her cake!
 Opening presents!  She loved it.

 Playing badmitten with the cousins.
Brynlee and Izzy liked playing with the shopping cart.
Chloe with her cake.  She didn't quite do it justice like I thought she would, but she had a lot of dinner.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Shelby is looking quite different these days...
She got her ears pierced!
After...So brave!
She lost her 2 front teeth.  What a cutie!

Tumbling Recital

Shelby had her tumbling recital this week.  She looked SO grown up and did so good. She didn't get nervous at all.  I had so much fun spending the afternoon with her.
 We went to dinner after her dress rehearsal since we had some time before the recital. 
 She kept making a "nanny mcphee" face at me because she knew I hated it!
 I was a class mom so I got to sit with Shelby the whole time.
 Such a cutie!

 Go Shelby, Go!

I had no idea that Teagan and Lauren also took dance there, so I was lucky enough to get to watch them too. 

Summer Fun!

 Willard Bay
 Chloe loves watermelon.  She was such a mess!
 Playing at the park.
 We went to Liberty park with Alysia, Morgan and Alison.  It was lots of fun and the kids had fun playing together.  We missed you Cheryce!
 Aves and Chloe were climbing on me.
 We had a pool party at my moms on Chloes birthday.  Good times!
 Keaton and Bynlee
 Shelby going down the huge waterslide that my dad made.
 Paige and Lysh.

 The swingset was a good investment.  The kids still play on it every day.  Chloe always stands on her head.  Silly baby.