Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Chloe!

I have been having so many bitter-sweet feelings about today.  It's HARD sometimes when this is your last baby to think about all the lasts.  I just LOVE her so much.  She is so spirited and has so much personality already.  She makes me laugh all the time.  Here are some highlights of Chloe right now:
-Still loves food.  This is no joke.  If you start eating something even remotely near her, she will want it.  She will speed crawl to you and scream until she gets it.  She is so feisty! Some of her favorite foods are watermelon, pineapple, steamed carrots, macaroni, lasagna, alfredo, orange chicken, anything sweet and blueberries.
-Loves to pull herself up to things.  Anything she can, she will find a way to stand up by it.  She tries to climb out of her crib already!
-Sleeps 11 hours a night and takes a 3-4 hour nap in the afternoon. Love this.
-She likes to make funny noises and shake her head to make you laugh. 
-She hates getting dressed and getting her diaper changed.
-She is a mama's girl but is getting a little better about letting people hold her when I am around...sometimes.
-Likes to eat sand.
-Loves water.

 My favorite picture!

We love you Chloe!  Happy Birthday!


Becky said...

She is darling!! I know what you mean about the bitter-sweet feelings! It's sad but fun too! Happy Birthday Chloe!

T.Irwin said...

I cannot believe it's been a year!!! She is so so so cute!!!! I love her adorable smile!

Anonymous said...

I always say this, but she is soooooo beautiful. I love her! Happy Birthday sweetie.

Alysia said...

Cute Cute pictures! Thanks for the fun party- it was adorable!