Friday, June 8, 2012

Odds and Ends

 The kids play with these 2 cute girls almost every Wednesday.  They are our backyard neighbors and they get along really well.

 Tucker was on the news for helping to apprehend a man who was wearing lingerie in Tai Pan.  It was HILARIOUS to watch him. 
 Cracker Barrel
 I babysat 4 of my sister's kids last Friday.  Paige loved the baby swing.
 We think Chloe has a peanut allergy.  We went to the allergist's yesterday and they did a skin test.  The test did not react, but the Dr still thinks she has an allergy.  He said that test is not always accurate in babies, so they are going to do a blood test in 4 months.
 We had brunch in the park today for my mom's birthday.  Love you mom!
This is how Chloe was sleeping a few days ago.  Silly girl.