Friday, June 8, 2012

San Diego

 We cheated on Jetblue and took Delta right into San Diego.  We stayed with Tucker's cousins that we LOVE.   On the flight, Keaton was showing everyone his Book of Mormon that my mom gave him and the flight attendant loved it and gave us 3 boxes of food. 
 Shelby was counting down the seconds until she could see Samantha.
 Find Chloe
 The Clarke's took us to Corvette Diner, which was AMAZING.  If you are in San Diego then go there!  They had yummy milkshakes, the waitresses all dance to 50's music, and they did all the girls hair up with straws.  It was fun.
 Samantha, the 6th grade graduate.  We sat through a 2 hour and 15 minute graduation for her.  We must really love her!
 The cute waitress doing Shelby's hair.

 She likes to make funny faces in pictures now.
 They even made a hat for Keaton so he wouldn't be left out.
 We went to Torrey Pines beach, which is my favorite beach in the US.  It is so pretty.

 Let's just say we had sandy diapers for a few days after.