Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tumbling Recital

Shelby had her tumbling recital this week.  She looked SO grown up and did so good. She didn't get nervous at all.  I had so much fun spending the afternoon with her.
 We went to dinner after her dress rehearsal since we had some time before the recital. 
 She kept making a "nanny mcphee" face at me because she knew I hated it!
 I was a class mom so I got to sit with Shelby the whole time.
 Such a cutie!

 Go Shelby, Go!

I had no idea that Teagan and Lauren also took dance there, so I was lucky enough to get to watch them too. 


T.Irwin said...

She looks like you in the last picture! (crazy!!) I don't think I've seen it more than in that picture!

Anonymous said...

Shelby, you look like you did a great job at your dance recital!! You look so beautiful in your outfit too! Did the tooth fairy give you anything for those 2 teeth?