Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Keaton!!

I am still coming to terms that my baby boy is 5!  We had a really fun birthday with him.  Keaton brings SO much joy into our house and we love his so much! Here is some things about Keaton:
 He is so kind and thoughtful to everyone. 
He loves to play with Shelby and Chloe
He loves spiderman and Cars
He keeps his room clean all the time
After Tucker and I put him to sleep and we go upstairs, he runs to the bottom of the stairs to make sure there is nothing in the way in case we have to come downstairs at night.
He loves green and orange
His favorite foods are orange chicken, macaroni and cheese, toaster strudel and watermelon.
He loves to swing.
He worries about people eating his treats while he is sleeping.
He is the most easy going kid ever.  He is always has a positive attitude.
 We filled a ton of balloons and put them in his room while he was sleeping.  He thought it was awesome!
 We also covered his doorway with crepe paper and he had to run through it to get out of his room.
 We rented this bounce house for Keaton's party. 

 Chloe was a little unsure about it.
 It had a fun basketball hoop.
 Keaton, Reese, Izzy and Shelby
 Debby really out did herself on Keaton's cake this year.  Look at it!!!  It looks incredible and Keaton thought it was the greatest thing ever!

 Cake time!
 Poor Aves.  I thought she looked so cute with her messy face and I laughed.  It hurt her feelings.
 Messy faces
 New two-wheeler!
Pretending to be asleep with grandpa.


Alysia said...

It looks like a fun party, I am sad we missed it. That cake really is amazing and that car of Keatons looks fun.