Friday, July 20, 2012

Lagoon X2

 We look forward to Harmon's Lagoon day every year.  Debby always is so nice to buy us tickets and they have unlimited cotton candy, snow cones, drinks, watermelon, brownies and chips!  Yum!  We also were also able to bounce back with Alysia and had a lot of fun. I hope next year we can get passes because we loved it! I am starting with day #2 because my pictures uploaded that way.
DAY #2
 On the train.
 Shelby and Ellie were so cute together.  They wanted to go on every ride together.  My favorite part of the day was when we convinced Ellie to go on the terroride with Shelby.  When they came out, Ellie was holding on to Shelby with a terrified look on her face.  I wish I had my camera! 
 Holding hands on the swings.
Alysia was nice and went on Rattlesnake rapids with the kids.  They got drenched!
 Chloe adores Lagoon.  Way fun!
 Shelby and Ellie went on Rattlesnake rapids again by themselves.
Isabelle and Chloe
 Keaton was so brave this year.  He wanted to go on any ride he was tall enough for.  Its a big difference since last year!
 I love this picture!

Day #1
 We had a ton of fun with the Steeds.  The kids loved riding all the rides with Jeremy.


 Keaton and Jeremy
 Tucker had the day off work so we was able to spend the whole day with us.

 She loved the Carousel.
Eating all of the yummy food from Harmons.
 Chloe and Shelby driving cars.


T.Irwin said...

I totally love your pictures. I have the best memories of my younger life at lagoon.

I love that the girls went on the terror ride cute! (and funny)