Friday, September 28, 2012


Here is what we did this month...
 Saw a pretty rainbow
 Canned a ton of pears with Lysh...
 ....and even more tomatoes with Debby
 Made Keaton squeeze into his 12-18 month old Halloween costume for a free dozen Krispy Kreme's.
 Went to Shelby's school carnival

 Made some yummy baklava
 Tucker's dad brought home some roosters for pets.
 Made funny faces in a photo booth for my neice Sophie's birthday party

15 Months

Chloe is virtually on the go all.the.time.  She never wants to sit still so I was lucky to be able to get 1 picture of her sitting before she ran away from me.  She will usually put her hands over her face when I pull out the camera now.  Stinker. She is so much fun though.  She is learning new words.  Her favorite is mimi for milk and ba for ball.  She also tries to say all done and fish.  She is confusing me left and right though with her possible food allergies.  We still have not figured out the peanut allergy and now we are wondering if she has a bit of a lactose allergy.  She will climb in the shower every time I try and take one and always wants to go outside.  She had a big growth spurt the past 3 months.  Here are her stats.
Length: 31.2 inches.....73%
Weight: 19lbs 13oz.....8%
 Look at her cute pig-tails!
She tries to ride this tricycle all the time.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sweet Dreams

This is how I found Shelby sleeping the other night.  Can you imagine???!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Keaton goes to Kindergarten

Soooooo Keaton missed his first day of school last week because we were gone so today was his first day. He did great!  Tears were shed...not by him.
 I love this boy!

Ready to go!

St Croix

Let it be known that Summer 2012 was the best ever.  We did so many fun things and I loved every single day of it.  We finished off the summer in an awesome way.  My parents had reserved a hotel a long time ago for St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin islands.  I was a little worried since it was over Labor day that we wouldn't be able to get there going standby but we made it with no problems.  We went Salt Lake to Long Beach to Boston to San Juan to St Croix!  The kids did awesome though.  The hotel we stayed at was on it's own little island.  We pretty much had the run of the island to ourselves.  It was very quite.  We had the BEST time.  My mom and dad are so very kind to let us tag along on their anniversary vacation. 
 Baby Starfish
 Walking on the boardwalk
 We rented snorkel gear for the week so we had fun doing that every day.  We saw Lobsters, Starfish, lots of sea urchins, barracuda's, beautiful tropical fish and my parents even saw an octopus!
 BFF's.  These kids play all day together!
 Little miss Chloe
 We went to a fun all you can eat buffet show at our hotel.  The food was yummy and the entertainment was good too. 

 Loves watermelon!
 Keaton got called up to to the Limbo on stage.  He was hilarious...He kept trying to grab the bar and told me he thought he was doing a gymnastics routine. 

 We stopped at the yummiest Greek restaurant and this guy called us over to look at this huge Iguana.  They feed him and he is pretty tame. His name is Randy.  Shelby obviously was so excited when she saw him.  She did not want to leave.
 This is our hotel.
 We went to fort Christensted and the kids had fun playing in the dungeons.
 We spent many a morning/night catching crabs.  The kids caught so many and loved it.  There was also a ton on lizards everywhere.  Every morning Shelby would go out and find them.  She caught one and it startled her so she let it go.  My mom took them to a little place she called lizard island and the kids are still talking non-stop about it. 
 Can I please live in the Caribbean??
 Cute grandma and Chloe
 My mom got these mustaches so we made everyone wear them and took a pic.  Chloe was not a fan.
 Grandpa throwing Keaton.  He also was a shark and attacked Shelby.


 St Croix sunset

 We went to the Eastern-most point on the island which is also the Eastern-most point in the U.S.

 We saw a huge toad on the beach and of course grandpa had to kiss him and Shelby had to hold him.

 Grandpa told nightly stories to the kids. 
 Fort Christensted

 Keaton picked up on snorkeling really fast and spent all of our last day doing this.

36 years!  Love you mom and dad.  Another great one!