Thursday, October 18, 2012

This is the place heritage park.

Today we went to This is the Place Heritage Park with Jana and Dax.  It was so much fun!  It was my first time going there and it was little haunts day so you were supposed to dress up in Costume.  They trick-or-treated, made crafts, enjoyed a candy cannon, went on train rides, panned for gold, played with animals, went on a pony ride and saw a snake!
 Chloe as an adorable lady bug.
 Dax and Shelby

 Craft time.  Keaton is Sully from Monsters Inc, Shelby is a princess butterfly and Dax was a spooky skeleton!
 Pony rides!  When my flash went off it scared the horse and the horse started galloping with Keaton on it.  Whoops!
 They had an area that you could pet and interact with the animals.  Shelby and Jana loved this goat.
 A huge turkey!  Made me ready for Thanksgiving. ;)
 Hard at work at school
 Story time.

 Beautiful view.
All of us.  We stopped by this place for some yummy homemade hot donuts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A day in the life of Chloe!

 8:15am  Good morning!
9:22am Reading books
 10:38am Rest your hand out mom so that I may use it as a pillow
 11:30am. Hanging with my peeps while I pick up Keaton from school.
 12:00pm.  Why is the pantry closed?  I like to empty it 10 times a day!
 12:15pm.  Ooooo the garage is open! 
12:20 RUNNING! 
 12:30pm.  Time for lunch.  This is Chloe's fake peanut butter.  It is AMAZING!
 1:00pm.  Spinning in my favorite chair.
1:15pm.  Score!  I found a garbage can to push around.
 4:45pm.  All refreshed after my nap!
 5:00pm.  Caught pushing buttons that I am not supposed to.
 5:15pm More spinning and reading.  Keaton begs me to play with him!
 6:25 pm.  Picking up Shelby from tumbling.
 6:45 pm.  DINNER! 
 7:30 pm.  Play time with my favorite people. 
 8:30pm.  Like mom was going to get any rest while I am awake!
9:15 pm.  Bedtime!

Sweetest thing ever

Shelby had to go to the Infectious Disease Dr a few weeks ago to try and get to the bottom of some abnormal blood work results.  I was talking with my neighbor Shauni about it and the afternoon after Shelby's appt her cute daughter Kali brought over these candy snakes for Shelby, Keaton and Chloe and the sweetest card.  It made Shelby's day and it definitely made mine!

Dinosaur Park

Debby invited us to go to the Dinosaur Park with her for her birthday.  The weather was perfect and it was a great day! 
 Shelby, Jeremy and Keaton digging for dino bones.
 Miss Sass
 Grandma and Chloe

 Chloe loves to swing.