Friday, November 23, 2012

Shelby's MRI

 After the IV was put in.  Such a brave girl!
As she was falling asleep.
Shelby had to have an MRI to try and figure out some abnormal blood work and recurrent sickness she has been having.  They had to put her under sedation while they did it so I was nervous.  Shelby did so good.  She was so brave when they were putting her IV in and didn't cry at all as they were preparing her for the MRI.  I am so grateful for Primary Children's Medical Center.  They are all amazing there and they do great work.  We found out the results of Shelby's MRI.  She has some mild brain damage in her cerebellum.  They think it is from her being a preemie.  The Dr's thought that Shelby might have some mild delays her whole life but we can deal with that!  


T.Irwin said...

She looks a whole lot more brave than I was at either of my own MRIs! She's been a trooper her whole life!

Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

That's good that she is ok and that its nothing too serious. I hope all is well with her!

Alysia said...

I have been wondering if you got the results back, You will have to tell me more about it. She is a brave girl!

Jana Waddoups said...

Love you Shelby!!