Monday, January 14, 2013

These videos make me laugh.  If Chloe wants to sit on your lap...she is going to sit on your lap!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Eye

This is a story I totally forgot about until last week when I was eating lunch with Shelby and her teacher reminded me.  It was when we were living at my parents house and Shelby rode the bus with her friend Sam.  Sam is blind and has a glass eye.  One day while riding home Sam thought it would be nice because they were such good friends that he would give her his eye.  He popped it out and Shelby thought that was gross so she dropped it on the floor of the bus.  Of course they didn't tell anyone until after they were both home, so I get a frantic call from the bus driver asking me if Shelby had Sam's eye.  I asked Shelby and searched everywhere and they finally ending up finding it rolling around on the floor of the bus.  I'm sure they are quite expensive so I am glad they found it but I could not stop laughing.

Keeping it Real Jan 2013

Well here we are again.  The month of the Blah's.  Why does January have to come EVERY year?? Here is what is on my mind today:

Has a sassy streak that comes out of no where. She likes to get her way and she doesn't like to share. She has been known to scream, kick and throw a fit like a toddler. 
Has made HUGE progress this year in school.  She has an excellent teacher.
Her love of snakes and lizards is as strong as ever.  Library books always consist of reptiles.
I'm trying to get her to have a love of reading.  Reading is hard for her and thus she doesn't enjoy it.
She loves tumbling.  It makes her happy and that makes me happy.
Has to get on the bus WAY to early.  I hate waking up early every morning to get her on the bus.
Has a special bond with Chloe....on the flip side though she sometimes gets annoyed when she plays with her because Chloe always "messes things up."
Likes to draw
Is hungry all the time.  All.the.time.

This picture is my favorite.  Yes it is blurry but LOOK how they are looking at each other. 

Is doing excellent in Kindergarten.  He is a natural at reading and it comes easy for him. 
Loves to talk and ask questions.  All day he asks "What number is 1042 or 89 or 773"
Wants to be a Cowboy, race car driver or a construction worker when he grows up.
Pesters Chloe all day.  It makes her mad most of the time.
Loves babies
Also loves pink milk
Can't wait to play soccer again
Has a hard time choosing things to play with so he usually sits down in his room for an hour or so searching for something to play with.
Makes odd noises all annoys me

Is an excellent sleeper
Loves her blankies and binkies
Knows what to do to push Shelby and Keaton's buttons...and often will.
Loves to get into drawers whenever she can.
Finds my phone anytime I leave it where she can reach it and she will "play"with it
Gets mad whenever I leave without her
Likes to dance
Eats like a champ and is also always hungry
Loves to snuggle

Lets see if Tucker reads this.  He was eating some breakfast casserole with his ketchup ;) and accidentally spilled it all over himself.  I laughed until I cried....and then I laughed some more.