Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Eye

This is a story I totally forgot about until last week when I was eating lunch with Shelby and her teacher reminded me.  It was when we were living at my parents house and Shelby rode the bus with her friend Sam.  Sam is blind and has a glass eye.  One day while riding home Sam thought it would be nice because they were such good friends that he would give her his eye.  He popped it out and Shelby thought that was gross so she dropped it on the floor of the bus.  Of course they didn't tell anyone until after they were both home, so I get a frantic call from the bus driver asking me if Shelby had Sam's eye.  I asked Shelby and searched everywhere and they finally ending up finding it rolling around on the floor of the bus.  I'm sure they are quite expensive so I am glad they found it but I could not stop laughing.


alisquire said...

Now that is one funny story! I agree with you about January. Blah. But I just love your darling kids, and Tucker's ketchup picture! It looks like he got shot or something!

Jana Waddoups said...

OHMYGOSH!!!! funny funny cute kiddos