Friday, April 26, 2013

San Diego April 2013

I had six days off work so I thought it would be a perfect time to visit my favorite people in San Diego....Michele and Samantha!  Since our flying days are over we got ready for a road trip! 
 I made Shelby and Keaton road trip binders
 The first page showed a map to La Verkin because that is where we were stopping for the night.  The next page showed a map to San Diego.
 I made road trip games like Bingo, Tic Tac Toe and word searches.
 I also printed off a bunch of coloring pages and dot to dots.  It kept them nicely entertained. 
 Pulling into La Verkin

I love the backyard of the La Verkin house.  It has tons of old barns, coops and buildings.
We left early the next morning and ate breakfast in Mesquite.  It was gross. 
We stopped at this old park in Baker.  I love old parks and the kids had fun stretching their legs. 

 Keaton got this weird rash...probably from playing at that old park. Haha!
 We made it!!  First stop Torrey Pines beach!
 This guy was doing extreme yoga.  It was hilarious!

 Cute Samantha and Chloe

 Michele's brother in law and his wife own a vineyard.  They were having a ribbon cutting ceremony so we went.  It was gorgeous!  Samantha stayed home and watched Shelby and Keaton.  She is an amazing babysitter!

 They had a beautiful home.
 Before we came Samantha cleaned and painted her old play house.  The kids spent hours outside playing in it.
 I love palm trees!
 Old Town
 We went to their club and played tennis and lounged in the pool.  It was good for my soul.

 Samantha has a broken wrist and still beat me at tennis!  She is a star.

 I took this from my phone after we had been driving for an hour.  We left at 5am.  I already was missing Michele and Samantha.
 I brought a bunch of magnets and let Chloe play with them on a cookie sheet.  Thanks Pinterest.
 We stopped at the best park in Vegas.  It's called Town Square Las Vegas if you ever are there.  We have been here before for Shelby's 7th birthday.  We stayed for a couple hours and ran around and ate lunch.

We were going to stop in La Verkin for the night but the kids were doing so good that we just kept going all the way home.  Chloe did amazing as did Shelby and Keaton.  We pulled into our house at 9:44.  

Keaton's Kindergarten Field Trip

I was able to go with Keaton on his field trip to the zoo.  He was in a group with 2 of this friends, Cole and Tayvn.

 Of course we had to get a picture of the snake for Shelby.
 It was stinky in the reptile exhibit
 Chloe and Keats
 Keaton's favorite animal...the seal
 The peacock was showing off.
My cute little buddy.

Party at moms

My mom had a fun party for the grandkids a few weeks ago. 
 We played pin the tail on the donkey. 
 We had a doughnut eating contest without hands!
 It was so funny to watch.

I discovered a new talent.  I finished mine in record time.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

Here is my parent's famous Easter egg hunt. 
 First the kids ran to find their loot.
 I love Shelby's face here.  She found Reese's!
 Beautiful Shelby
 Grandma helping Chloe
 Best.picture.ever. This is how Kate is often found.:)
 No egg hunt is complete without a couple of smoke bombs.
 Chloe baby
 Proof that Tucker was there!
Checking out the goods.
Then the big kids get their turn at the money hunt!
Between Tucker and I we found $48 plus new flip flops/sunglasses.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!
 The whole gang minus my dad.
 The Friday before Easter we colored eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Steeds house.  The kids had so much fun!
 Easter morning!   Chloe loved waking up to all the candy.
 Keaton holding as much as he can!

 The kids with their baskets.
 Taking some Easter pics before church.

 I love them so much!!