Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

Here is my parent's famous Easter egg hunt. 
 First the kids ran to find their loot.
 I love Shelby's face here.  She found Reese's!
 Beautiful Shelby
 Grandma helping Chloe
 Best.picture.ever. This is how Kate is often found.:)
 No egg hunt is complete without a couple of smoke bombs.
 Chloe baby
 Proof that Tucker was there!
Checking out the goods.
Then the big kids get their turn at the money hunt!
Between Tucker and I we found $48 plus new flip flops/sunglasses.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!
 The whole gang minus my dad.
 The Friday before Easter we colored eggs at Grandma and Grandpa Steeds house.  The kids had so much fun!
 Easter morning!   Chloe loved waking up to all the candy.
 Keaton holding as much as he can!

 The kids with their baskets.
 Taking some Easter pics before church.

 I love them so much!!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

It looks like your parents have an awesome easter egg hunt every year. I want to do an easter hunts with adults. I think that is a great idea!!

Jana Waddoups said...

YOU have the BEST family EVER Rachelle!!!!!! I love the photos! All of them!!!! <3

becky rigby said...

I love everything about this post. So, did I read that correctly that you got a pair of sunglasses that double as flip flops?

By far my favorite picture is the kids with their baskets. Chloe looks like she doesn't dare take her eyes off of Shelby or else she might steal her candy. =)

Alysia said...

You scored this year! just kidding. I love Easter and all the fun traditions.