Wednesday, April 10, 2013


March is a good month.  It starts to get warmer, the sun makes me happy and the kids get to play outside! 
 Chloe loved the first warm day of the year.  We stayed outside almost all day.

 Keaton started soccer.  He is definitely better this year.
 Tucker got a new toy.  He has been salivating over this thing for years!
 Chloe went to the dentist and posed like a diva.
 Lots of time spent playing at the park and watching Keaton.
 Took a couple long walks/bike rides.
 My cute nephew Grant.
 We played at the park by our house.
Lastly, I paid Cheryce $2 to eat this cold, burnt pot sticker.  Best $2 ever spent.


Jana Waddoups said...

Hahaha! You're so funny Rachelle! I love your blog! Chloe is so freakin' cute!!!