Saturday, May 18, 2013

The last few weeks.

 Shelby had her school dance performance.  She did great.
 Keaton finished soccer
 We have had some gorgeous Spring weather. 
 Chloe turned into a cowgirl at the Steeds
 I was in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week for Keaton's class and put together this basket. 
 Chloe likes to move our rugs and put all of our shoes on it.
Keaton started T Ball.  He knows nothing about baseball so it has been funny to watch so far.
 The kids LOVE fresh peas.  Chloe will just eat the whole pea.
 Keaton playing first base
Keaton got to go to his first friend party.  He was so excited!
Chloe loves to feed her baby
 We went to Taggarts grill.  The food is so amazing there.  There was a peacock on the roof. 
 Big news!  I went back to school.  I have never felt so motivated before.  I am going into social work and really excited about it.  I am taking Zoology 1020 which is a Human Biology class and a social work 1010 class this semester.
Chloe came in to snuggle during one of my study sessions.


Alysia said...

you've been busy! I was really behind on your blog. looks like lots of fun.