Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My 30th birthday week!

So far 30 has been pretty awesome.  I celebrated for almost 2 weeks.  That's my kind of birthday!
 Samantha made me this adorable cake.  It looked like a professional had made it.  It tasted awesome too. 
 I love this girl!
 Chloe took on a more studious role that evening.
 Me and my bestie Jana at Fiesta!
 Some other friends that I love dearly
 On my actual birthday my sister Alysia planned a surprise party for me with both sides of my family.  It was at the Steeds and I was completely surprised.  I started to cry when Michele and Samantha surprised me.  They were supposed to be back in California but they stayed for the party.  Thanks Alysia and everyone that helped...It was a dream come true.  ;)
 There was YUMMY Mexican food there
 I love my dad
 Alison and Morgan
 A Samantha sandwich with Michele and Shelby on the sides
30 isn't so bad.

August 2013

I have been a complete slacker lately when it comes to blogging.  Between school, work and the kids I am barely keeping afloat.  We had the BEST summer over though and I am so sad that it is over. 
 Chloe and Avery riding in the Barbie Jeep
 Chloe and Lyla
 Teagan helping Keaton with the bow and arrow
 Grandma helping Shelby
 We used our Pass or all Passes once!  Boo for that.  We had so much fun at Seven Peaks with Alysia and her kids, mom and Samantha

 We went up to Park City

 We loved Ellie's birthday party at a fun swimming pool in Mtn Green

 We went to Cherry Hill with Shelby's school and spent the whole day there.

I canned Salsa, Tomatoes, Peaches, Pears and Jam.  I LOVE it!