Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My 30th birthday week!

So far 30 has been pretty awesome.  I celebrated for almost 2 weeks.  That's my kind of birthday!
 Samantha made me this adorable cake.  It looked like a professional had made it.  It tasted awesome too. 
 I love this girl!
 Chloe took on a more studious role that evening.
 Me and my bestie Jana at Fiesta!
 Some other friends that I love dearly
 On my actual birthday my sister Alysia planned a surprise party for me with both sides of my family.  It was at the Steeds and I was completely surprised.  I started to cry when Michele and Samantha surprised me.  They were supposed to be back in California but they stayed for the party.  Thanks Alysia and everyone that helped...It was a dream come true.  ;)
 There was YUMMY Mexican food there
 I love my dad
 Alison and Morgan
 A Samantha sandwich with Michele and Shelby on the sides
30 isn't so bad.


McCall said...

Happy birthday! That's so sweet your sister threw you a surprise party!