Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween 2013

I love Halloween and we had a lot of fun this year.  Unfortunately I had to work Halloween night so that was a bummer! 
 Shelby made this hat, cape and wand in her after school program.
 We went to Keaton's school carnival had a lot of fun with the kids.  Keaton made it to the top of the rock wall and rang the bell.

 My sweet Chloe.
 I love this picture of all three kids.  Keaton is a transformer, Shelby is medusa and Chloe is a butterfly.
 I was able to help in Keaton's class for their Halloween party.  We played pin the nose on the witch.  Chloe thought that she fit right in with the first graders.
 My family's annual Halloween party.  I love to see what everyone dresses up as.  Tucker and I were dressed up as people from a black and white film, but Tucker just looks blue. 
The whole fam!
 I took the kids to Tucker's grandpas assisted living home for trick or treating. 
 Chloe loves this little witch's hat.
 This was Halloween night.  I'm glad that Tucker took pictures so that I could see the cute kids.  Tucker said that Shelby wanted to keep going and going!

 Spencer and Molly
Ngoc Lan and Josh

Shelby's hospital stays

Shelby has been having these ongoing episodes for the past 2 1/2 years where she gets a headache, fever and vomiting for about 24 hours about every other month.  We have seen a rheumatologist, done an MRI and done various other tests to see if we can figure out what is going on.  She had a really bad episode a couple weeks ago and she was just not getting better.  She was so sick, so I finally took her to the ER at Primary Children's Hospital. 
 She was so brave when they gave her an IV.  She also did AMAZING when they had to do a lumbar puncture on her. 
After she got some fluids in her and some anti-nausea medicine in her, she started feeling better. They wanted to keep us overnight because she was so dehydrated.  
 We played in the playroom for a while.
 She painted a pumpkin and a ghost.
 She only wanted to eat shakes and jello.

 Of course she found the snake on the wall when we went out for a walk.
 This was right before we went home.  All better!
I sent her back to school the next day and her school called me and said she was crying in pain and was about to throw up.  We headed back to Primary Children's to figure out what was going on.  The poor thing was in so much pain in her back where they did the lumbar puncture.  They gave her some pain meds and admitted us overnight again.
 Shelby played dr. and took very good care of her patients. 
They let her start an IV on her doll.
So right now, we are going on a diagnosis of migraines with a possible fever disorder.  They did some genetic testing that we should know the results around Christmas.  Hopefully we can get this figured out.  Shelby is such a trooper and I love her so much!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cabin Weekend

For Debby's birthday we went up to the cabin and stayed overnight.  It was GORGEOUS and we had a great time.

 The kids love riding on the four wheelers.

 Tucker cooked up some yummy tri-tip and we had a great dinner.

 All of the Steed's grandchildren.
 Keaton spent hours in this tree.
 We took a long four wheel drive and enjoyed the scenery and had a great picnic.

September 2013

 Shelby went on an overnight field trip with her school.  She had the best time.  She went to Rocky Mountain Raceway, Scheels, Swimming and lots of other fun things.

 Chloe got her first haircut.  Had to cut the mullet off.

 We went to a Real Salt Lake game.  We had great seats.

Keaton fell off of the monkey bars at school and got a pretty good black eye.

End of summer

Even though the kids were back in school.  We still enjoyed the rest of the summer. 
 We enjoyed a great day at Pine View.

 I went to my grandma and grandpas and picked berries and tomatoes.  Lots of good memories at their house!

 Chloe loved to eat our cherry tomatoes straight off the vine.
 We had a very fun Squire family reunion with lots of yummy food, horse rides and games.

 Chloe ran to the safety of grandpa because she was scared of the horses. 

 Avery and Chloe
 I love this picture I took at Maddie's soccer game.
 I canned peaches, pears and tomatoes.
Alysia and I dressed up as pirates for a free dozen Krispy Kreme's!