Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve

I had to work on New Year's Eve so I didn't get home until 10pm.  I got to count down to midnight with 2 of my favorite people.

 We busted out the martinelli's...
...and the 2014 glasses 
 Tucker pondering the new year
Samantha and I

Christmas 2013

Another great Christmas is in the books.  I get SO sad when it is all over.  I just love everything about Christmas so much.

 This is the only picture that I got of our family Christmas Eve candlelight dinner.  Awwwwww!
 Maddie and Cheryce
Shelby opened up her present from her cousin....a Frozen book!  She loved it! 
 Keaton got a transformer
 Princess Chloe
 We also went to Dianne's house on Christmas Eve.  Shelby loves to see Samantha!
 Christmas morning!  They can't wait to come up and see what Santa brought
 All of the loot!
 Chloe loved her baby doll and bed the most
 Battle of the Beyblades on Christmas morning
 I love this picture.  Shelby got a spirograph from Santa and all of the adults were excited to try it out.
 Chloe got a new bike from grandma and grandpa Squire.
We went to the Steeds on Christmas night.  Debby's whole living room was filled with presents.  Crazy! 

Gingerbread Houses

The Sunday before Christmas we did our annual gingerbread houses.  My mom is a champ for making all of the houses!  Always good times to be had.

 My dad hot glued the houses together so they would not fall down.

Of course the night ended with some singing of Frozen.

Third week of December 2013

 The kids decorated big gingerbread cookies
 We always have random fun at my parents.
 I had an amazing girls night with some besties.
 We made gingerbread cookies.
 The polar express came
 Shelby had doctor's appointments with the rheumatologist and ophthalmologist.
 We had another family party and Chloe still did not enjoy santa.
We loved the views at Molly's house.
 We went to the Squire Family Christmas Party and ate yummy soup and played funny games.

Second Week of December 2013

 Chloe got into the tub with her clothes still on and it made her sad.
 We went to Shelby's cute Christmas program.
 We had a fun Steed family Christmas party
 Di and Ty
 Honey, Di, Me, Cheyenne, Dawn and Debby

 Spencer and Molly
Cute Lauren

First week of December 2013

We had a busy first week of December.

We decorated our Christmas tree and put all of our decorations up.
 I love our tree!
 I did our Christmas card photo shoot.  Only 2/3 of my children cried. 

 We went to the festival of trees
 Shelby's school made this tree. 
 We went to the Lisonbee family Christmas breakfast party. 
Jordan got barfed on.
 Shelby was so excited to see Santa and tell him what she wanted.  She wanted stuff from the movie Frozen.
 Chloe was so NOT excited.  She screamed and cried as soon as Santa walked in. 
 Keaton asked for Beyblades and a "piston cup" (trophy)
 She was happy after santa gave her a baby doll
 We got a big snowstorm and got to play in the snow.