Thursday, January 2, 2014

First week of December 2013

We had a busy first week of December.

We decorated our Christmas tree and put all of our decorations up.
 I love our tree!
 I did our Christmas card photo shoot.  Only 2/3 of my children cried. 

 We went to the festival of trees
 Shelby's school made this tree. 
 We went to the Lisonbee family Christmas breakfast party. 
Jordan got barfed on.
 Shelby was so excited to see Santa and tell him what she wanted.  She wanted stuff from the movie Frozen.
 Chloe was so NOT excited.  She screamed and cried as soon as Santa walked in. 
 Keaton asked for Beyblades and a "piston cup" (trophy)
 She was happy after santa gave her a baby doll
 We got a big snowstorm and got to play in the snow.