Tuesday, March 25, 2014

California March 2014

Samantha and Michele invited me to come out to California for the BNP Paribas tennis tournament in Indian Wells.  They go every year and were sweet enough to let me tag along.  I flew into San Diego and spent a day there before the tournament. 
 We spent some time relaxing by Mission Bay
 Samantha is awesome at the violin
 The three of us at the tournament.  It was so hot and fantastic.  Michele bought us all hats to wear.  I had the best time at the tournament.  It was so much fun to be able to see all these tennis greats!
 Nadal.  He is a fine human being.  Yum.
 Samantha and I
 It's Nadal!!!  People were going crazy for him!
 Tucker was home with the kids.  He is the best dad ever and sent me lots of picture updates.  He built them an awesome fort!
 Chloe and Keaton snuggling after Chloe's nap.
They had a movie night too. 


McCall said...

You are so pretty!