Thursday, March 20, 2014

Now serving in...Uganda!

My mom and dad entered the MTC on February 10th.  They were able to come home on the weekends so that made it nice. 
 The older grandchildren got to come to the setting apart and after gave a great big hug.  It was cute. 
 The famous MTC picture. 
 This was the night before they left for Africa.  I was dreading having to say goodbye to them.  It was hard.  I miss them so much but they are awesome for doing this!
It is already so much fun to hear about all of their adventures that they are having.  They get to Skype us and have a blog  One month down, 17 to go!


squiute said...

I love you Rachelle Steed! We sure do enjoy seeing you on the screen every week.

McCall said...

That makes me cry! I can't imagine being away from my parents for that long!!