Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shelby is 9!

Shelby had a great ninth birthday!  She has come so far and done so much in her 9 years.  She makes me so proud to be her mom!  We filled her room with balloons and put crepe paper over her door so that she could bust out in the morning. 

 We went to Chuck E Cheese
 We went to lunch with my family and everyone sang to her
 And we went out to dinner and she was sang to again!  She loved every second of it. 
Once again, Debby has outdone herself and made a gorgeous Frozen cake.  It was perfect.
Shelby is still as feisty as ever.  She knows what she wants and likes to be the boss.  She has made some amazing improvements this year in reading and is currently reading on her 3rd grade level at 100 words per minute!  They have officially diagnosed her with a learning disability in math and we work hard everyday to try and overcome that.  She loves her school at the School for the Deaf and the Blind and has some great friends there.  She still gets physical therapy and orientation and mobility therapy at school.  She works on learning Braille every day and is very good at it.  She amazes me!  She loves to play outside and is loving this nice weather that we have been having.  She rides her bike up and down our street for hours.  She just barely got some custom made contact lenses for her eyes that the eye doctor thinks will help her see better.  She can definitely see better with them in, it's just getting used to wearing them.  She goes to the eye doctor this Friday so hopefully her eyes have not gotten worse.  Shelby's obsession for the last few months is with the movie Frozen.  She knows every song by heart and has seen it 5 times in the theater.  She still loves snakes and lizards though and cuddles up with her stuffed animal snakes at bed.  She is an early riser and hates to sleep in.  Even if we are up late she is up by 7.  She will play quietly or read a book in her room though so that is nice.  Her best friend is Keaton and they play every evening after school.  She sometimes will "let" Chloe play with her and Chloe loves it.  She has a huge appetite and I am usually surprised by how much food that girl can eat in a meal!  We just love her so much and are thankful for her every day!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

I can't believe she is already 9. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!