Saturday, April 26, 2014

Baby Animal Days!!

We had so much fun at baby animal days last weekend with Kevin and Alysia.  They are sweet enough to let us tag along with them on their tradition. 
Shelby was in HEAVEN.  She is such an animal lover that she could have stayed all day. 
 Look at that baby goat!  So cute!

 Nash loved the animals and wanted to squeeze them extra tight!

 Cute sisters
 Everyone loved the soft bunnies.

 The bunny was the only animal that Chloe was not afraid of. 

 Baby duck!
 This picture made me laugh...Father and son.
Nash wanted to squeeze the bunny too.  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Life right now

 Keaton started his Spring soccer
 Sometimes sisters do cute things
 I got to hang out at Shelby's school and eat lunch with her and her cute friends
 I got ACCEPTED to the social work program!
 We got season passes to Lagoon and have been 3 times already
 Chloe is always a diva
 My sister in law, Ngoc Lan, bought a salon inside Walmart and Shelby and I went for pedicures
 We went back to the eye doctor and ordered new contacts for Shelby
 Spring has sprung!

 Keaton lost his first tooth!  He was SO excited.
Chloe has been so sick the last week.  Strep, high fevers for days...but she is on the mend now.
Life has been good.  I have been working mostly nights lately so sleep sometimes comes rarely.  I have also been studying like crazy to finish my finals.  I took Math 1050, Anthropology 1010 and Sociology 1010 this semester.  I am excited for it to be over! 
Tucker is working at JP's still and works hard with sometimes long hours.  He is an awesome help wih the kids while I am juggling school/work/kids.
Shelby is doing well in school and loves her new contacts.  She can see much better with them in and that makes me happy.  Her latest obsession is with the book and movie The Witches. It makes me happy that she loves to read now.  We started her in math tutoring at Kumon.  I really hope that it will help her get to grade level in math.  She is such a sweet girl and makes me happy.  She minds well and helps a lot with her brother and sister.
Keaton is awesome.  He does so good in school and loves his charter school that he went to this year.  He is the most sensitive soul I know.  I really have to be careful to not joke with him to much, because he takes it to heart.  He is so loving and a great example to me.  He is afraid of the dark lately and sometimes wakes up crying.  
Chloe is so much fun and still sassy.  She has such a strong personality.  She knows what she wants but is consoled if she can't have something by simply saying "maybe later."  She loves makeup, the color pink, babies and dressing up.  She throws fits lately about 1000 times a day and ends up in timeout about that often too.  Ha! 
We are so excited for summer and we are counting down the days until school is over!