Saturday, May 17, 2014

First half of May

This post is a bit of an overload of Chloe, but lets face it...I spend most of my days with her while the kids are at school. 
We play at the park
 She loves to line things up...especially her cars
 Debby got a bag of peas and Chloe was obsessed with them.  She would eat the pea whole!
 We go to Lagoon almost every Saturday.  Shelby and Keaton love riding rides together. 
 Shelby had an adorable dance program at school.
 Her BFF Vanessa
 Chloe has to have all 3 of her strollers and line them up too.
 I cut up tomatoes and lettuce for our dinner and she ate almost that whole plate!

 I volunteer at Keaton's school once a week and Chloe will go right in and make herself at home. 
It's getting warm!  Hallelujah!  We played with the water table last night.
Shelby only has 5 more days left of school.  I am so excited for summer.  Shelby is not so much.  She will be changing schools to the charter school where Keaton goes next year.  It will probably be a really hard transition for her.  She has been with the same group of 6 kids since preschool.  I feel like it is time to move on from the school for the deaf and blind.  They have been amazing from day 1, but I feel like it would do her a disservice to keep her there any longer.  The kids that stay as they get older are the completely blind and deaf kids.  I hate that I will have to prep her for bullies and other things that she has not had to experience yet.  I just pray it goes well. 
Keaton finished soccer and didn't entirely love it so I'm not sure if we will do it again.  I will leave it up to him to decide.  He is the sweetest boy and I just love him so much.  I'm so excited for the BEST SUMMER EVER!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


 Look how cute Cheryce is!  We did an Easter egg hunt at mom and dad's for the kids
 Chloe was sick so she didn't get to come.

 We colored eggs at Debby's.  The kids had a blast.

 I  love Easter outfits on Easter Sunday
 This dress!!
 Shelby looks so beautiful and grown up.
I love, love, love this kid!