Thursday, June 26, 2014

San Diego

I found some really good flight deals and couldn't resist flying out with the kids to San Diego.  It was another great trip and we had so much fun.

 Chloe had to act gangsta at the airport so  no one would mess with us.

 Shelby wanted to sit over by the window by herself.
 The next time you go to San Diego, go to the C level lounge.  Michele took me there and it was amazing.  The food was so good and you can't beat the views.
 The next day was a beach day.  This is one of our favorite days because I love the ocean so much.  It was a perfect day.

 We went with some of Michele and Samantha's close friends.  Shelby had met Kelsey last summer and still talks about her so she was very excited that they were there.  They played most of the day together.
 Chloe and Samantha
 The next day we went to the fair because Samantha had some pottery and a box she made in wood shop on display.  The kids had a blast and we went with the same friends from yesterday.
 They all went down this big colorful slide
 Shelby and Kelsey
 Keaton made friends with Colton.
 I love this picture of Michele and Chloe.  Chloe loves Michele and always wants to be with her when we are around them.
 All the kids

 Samantha with her prize winning bowl behind her
 Look how adorable this is.  You can see Shelby and Kelsey holding hands in front of Keaton and Colton too. 

 Right before we got this HUGE platter of Mexican funnel cakes.  We had no idea it was enough to feed an army.  Between 6 of us, we didn't even eat half of it and we all felt gross after.
The next day we went over to Coronado and played at this beautiful park that is over there.  It is right by the water and surrounded by palm trees. 
 The next day was Chloe's 3rd birthday!  We did a little party at Michele and Samantha's club. 
 Chloe loved swimming with Samantha
 Happy Birthday Chloe! 
 The sunset over the clouds on our way home.


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Kevin said...

That looks like a perfect trip! It sounds like so much fun

squiute said...

I am missing not being your travel partner. You just go on having fun without me! Mom

T.Irwin said...

Looks like the proper good time! And I love love love the swing picture!