Thursday, June 5, 2014

School is out!

My favorite time of year is here!  Summer! It was a very bittersweet moment this year for Shelby's last day of school.  She has been at the school for the deaf and blind for 6 years now and this was her last year there.  She is moving to the charter school that Keaton goes to in the fall.  It makes me nervous, but sometimes it's necessary to do hard things and I pray she does well. 

 They had a cute awards ceremony and song at the end of year BBQ.  Cute stuff!
 Here is Shelby's fabulous teacher Ms. Borg.  She truly has made world's of difference for Shelby and we just love her.
 Shelby has definitely changed this year!
 Cute Keaton had a race on his last week of school.  He did wonderful.  We have also adored his teacher this year Mrs. Troyer.  Keaton is such a great reader and has made big improvements this year. 
Look how tall he is getting!


T.Irwin said...

That's going to be a big change for Shelby but you are right in that sometimes you have to do it. She will succeed because she's a fighter. She has proven just how vibrant she is.