Saturday, July 19, 2014

Keaton is 7!

Keaton is 7!  He is a blessing to me every day.  He is a peacemaker and always tries to choose the right.  I just adore his sweet spirit and personality.  He loves to snuggle and is a daddy's boy.  He loves to do anything that Tucker is doing and is quite the helper.   
 We did our traditional crepe paper the door the night of your birthday.  He was so excited to bust through it.
 We had a lego themed party on his birthday
 We rented a huge bounce house and invited his friends and cousins over. 

 The Bischoffs
 We finally busted out the snowcone maker that Debby gave us for Christmas.  It worked like a charm and Samantha made the best snow cones!
 My BFF Jana drove up from Tooele with Dax.
 Keaton got a skateboard.  He had been wanting one for quite a while.
 His school friend Anthony came.
 Molly and Spencer.  The little neighbor girls adored Spencer.  It was cute.

 After the party we turned it into a waterslide!

 Chloe would scream the whole way down.
 The love all of the water droplets in the picture
 Debby worked her magic again and made this awesome Lego cake.  Molly made the cute guy next to it.
I love this boy so much!


It's my favorite time of year.  Here are some random photos of our last couple weeks.

 Chloe enjoying some hot chocolate
 We went to the Library and Chloe has to get a drink every couple of minutes.

 I went to a Bee's game with these fabulous friends
 I watched Nash and Izzy for a day while Alysia was out of town.  The kids had a great time.
 Chloe is still loving her dance
 This boy is so handsome!
 Samantha has been babysitting for me while she has been here and the kids love that.  She did a photoshoot with Chloe and I love this picture of her twirling.
 Samantha made dinner both nights she was here.  She is an awesome chef.
Samantha even made this cake for Chloe and Keaton's birthdays.  Half Minnie themed and half Spiderman theme.  She is amazing!


We have spent a lot of time at Lagoon this summer so far.  We are getting great use of our passes.  It's so great to just go for a couple hours and then going home for naps. 

 We have gone with Alysia a couple of times because she has passes too. 
 Ellie, Keaton and Reese waiting for Wicked
 This picture makes me laugh.  Alysia wanted to take Reese on Rattlesnake Rapids and it started down pouring.  We made all of our kids walk up there in the rain and she took them down.
 Since Samantha is here the whole month of July we got her a season pass too. 

 Also another funny picture.  We went to Lagoon with the Steeds for my favorite day...Harmon's Lagoon day.  Alysia came too and Nash ate tons and tons of watermelon and drank a lot of drinks.   Alysia was holding Nash and I look over at her and he is peeing down her leg.  Hilarious. 
 Keaton, Jeremy and Tucker
 Ellie got her face painted like a scary black cat!
 Samantha braided all of our hair so we had to take a picture.

 Chloe driving her Jeep.  Scary!

 Keaton, Samantha and Shelby riding the sky ride across Lagoon. That ride scares me.  I'm always afraid that someone is going to slip right out. 
 Samantha and I went to Lagoon by ourselves one evening and rode the big kid rides together.  Some boy tried to steal her away from me and ask her out.
Such a fun night!

The Fourth

I LOVE the fourth of July.  I love our country, the parade, the fireworks.  It was especially great this year because in my American history class that I'm taking right now, I have really learned about our country and freedoms and the sacrifices people have given so we can be free.
We went to the Clearfield parade
Me and Samantha at the parade.
Lauren, Josh, Jeremy and Ngoc Lan
 Chloe in her cute dress
 I attempted the star hair doo.
 We go to Tucker's aunt Honey's house for a BBQ and water fun.  They rented a huge water slide again this year. 

 water balloons!

 I love this picture of Lauren and Chloe