Saturday, July 19, 2014

Keaton is 7!

Keaton is 7!  He is a blessing to me every day.  He is a peacemaker and always tries to choose the right.  I just adore his sweet spirit and personality.  He loves to snuggle and is a daddy's boy.  He loves to do anything that Tucker is doing and is quite the helper.   
 We did our traditional crepe paper the door the night of your birthday.  He was so excited to bust through it.
 We had a lego themed party on his birthday
 We rented a huge bounce house and invited his friends and cousins over. 

 The Bischoffs
 We finally busted out the snowcone maker that Debby gave us for Christmas.  It worked like a charm and Samantha made the best snow cones!
 My BFF Jana drove up from Tooele with Dax.
 Keaton got a skateboard.  He had been wanting one for quite a while.
 His school friend Anthony came.
 Molly and Spencer.  The little neighbor girls adored Spencer.  It was cute.

 After the party we turned it into a waterslide!

 Chloe would scream the whole way down.
 The love all of the water droplets in the picture
 Debby worked her magic again and made this awesome Lego cake.  Molly made the cute guy next to it.
I love this boy so much!