Saturday, July 19, 2014


It's my favorite time of year.  Here are some random photos of our last couple weeks.

 Chloe enjoying some hot chocolate
 We went to the Library and Chloe has to get a drink every couple of minutes.

 I went to a Bee's game with these fabulous friends
 I watched Nash and Izzy for a day while Alysia was out of town.  The kids had a great time.
 Chloe is still loving her dance
 This boy is so handsome!
 Samantha has been babysitting for me while she has been here and the kids love that.  She did a photoshoot with Chloe and I love this picture of her twirling.
 Samantha made dinner both nights she was here.  She is an awesome chef.
Samantha even made this cake for Chloe and Keaton's birthdays.  Half Minnie themed and half Spiderman theme.  She is amazing!