Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I don't talk much about this, because sometimes it's not easy to talk about but Shelby has a pretty severe math learning disability.  She was tested last year on a bunch of different tests and they all came out with certainty that she has this disability.  It is REALLY hard for her to learn new things or even get the concept of numbers in general sometimes.  A lot of her teachers/therapists say that it is common for kids with visual impairments to have difficulty grasping the concept of math.  It's more visual then people think.  A few months ago we started her at Kumon-which is a tutoring center.  She goes in for tutoring twice a week and does worksheets at home 4 days a week.  When they tested her, they found that she doesn't even have basic math skills down.  Basically they started at the very beginning.  She has worked so hard this summer and is making progress!  The director of the Kumon center is fantastic and has put in a lot of time with her. It can be frustrating at times, but I really try to keep a good attitude about it because I know how difficult it is for her.  I am SO proud of all the hard work that Shelby has done this summer.   
 These are her worksheets from this summer.  There are 88 worksheets with 220 problems in each packet.  That's 19,360 questions she has done this summer!!
 She is such a miracle girl and has exceeding many people's expectations about where she would be today.  
 Here is her Kumon packet...They need to change that frowny face.
Shelby just passed the level she was working on and is moving up to the next level.  Yay Shelby!

Park City

We wanted to do an end of summer/my birthday party with the kids up in Park City.  We have been up a lot without them lately, but it's so fun to have them with us.
 We had a gorgeous room at the Sun Dial lodge.
 We let the kids swim for a couple hours.  They can't get enough of swimming this summer.

 Tucker got in and joined the fun.
 That night we stayed up late eating junk and watching Full House.  Yep.
 The kids had fun on this playground outside the hotel.  It can be rare that I get a good picture with all 3 kids looking!
 We did the Alpine slide.  This was the first time that Shelby could go by herself.  We put her in the slow lane and then Tucker, Keaton, Chloe and I zoomed down the slide.  We get to the bottom and wait for Shelby to come down...She left the same time as us...we wait 10 minutes and no sign of her.  I start hiking up the mountain because I'm getting worried.  Eventually I see her head inching down the mountain with a line of people behind her.  Awkward.  She told me that she had read a sign that said you would get an injury if you went fast so she was definitely was not going to do that!

Chloe's first dance recital!

She was so sassy and cute and did an amazing job.  I had been looking forward to this for so long!  

More summer fun

 I went to the zoo with my cute friend Meisha and her kids.  It was a perfect day because it was cloudy and the animals were active.
 Shelby and Jenica
 Seriously...this face!
 All of the kids at the zoo.
 We then went to Meisha's moms house to swim in her pool.  Tiffaney and her kids came too.  We had lunch and the kids swam for hours!  It was fantastic!
 Alysia and I went to Lagoon for a few hours.  I made Nash ride this ride with Chloe.  It was cute.
Tucker has been playing baseball outside with the kids when he gets off of work.  He is a good daddy.


We got up to the cabin in the evening and the kids immediately went outside to play

 I'm going to make Chloe wear this jean jacket that is a 12-18 month size until she busts out of it.

 Keaton looking like a rock star while cooking smores.
 I love campfires
 Keaton picked me this beautiful flower
 We all love the tire swing
 It's good for the soul to be in nature.
Sometimes I catch these glimpses of these 2 girls that make my heart melt.

Weber County Fair

I took the kids to the Weber County Fair a couple weeks ago.  
 Shelby loved feeding the goats and lambs
 Keaton liked brushing the cows
 Shelby and Keaton both had fun on this.  Keaton was rocking the front and back flips.

 I absolutely love Chloe's face in this picture
 I entered the kids in a heated jello-eating contest
 Chloe chose a purple butterfly
 Shelby wanted a green cat
Keaton chose a spider on his wrist.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

First Week of August

There are only 12 days left of summer.  We are trying to squeeze in every last drop of fun we can for the rest of the summer.  I finished summer semester two days ago so I am going to enjoy this free week and a half as well!

 We went to Lagoon a beach and played for a few hours.
 I went to a Lady Gaga concert with some of my cute friends
 I took my kids to the Ogden Temple open house.  It was incredibly gorgeous inside.  I'm glad we were able to go.
I love these kids.

More July

Here is a wrap up of the rest of our July

We went to see Wicked.  It is my favorite show and I love it!
Chloe got strep.  That was no fun.
 We took a walk and caught the most beautiful sunset.
Samantha made me a video all about me and that cutest cake for an early birthday party for me.