Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Park City

We wanted to do an end of summer/my birthday party with the kids up in Park City.  We have been up a lot without them lately, but it's so fun to have them with us.
 We had a gorgeous room at the Sun Dial lodge.
 We let the kids swim for a couple hours.  They can't get enough of swimming this summer.

 Tucker got in and joined the fun.
 That night we stayed up late eating junk and watching Full House.  Yep.
 The kids had fun on this playground outside the hotel.  It can be rare that I get a good picture with all 3 kids looking!
 We did the Alpine slide.  This was the first time that Shelby could go by herself.  We put her in the slow lane and then Tucker, Keaton, Chloe and I zoomed down the slide.  We get to the bottom and wait for Shelby to come down...She left the same time as us...we wait 10 minutes and no sign of her.  I start hiking up the mountain because I'm getting worried.  Eventually I see her head inching down the mountain with a line of people behind her.  Awkward.  She told me that she had read a sign that said you would get an injury if you went fast so she was definitely was not going to do that!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

It looked like you guys had so much fun this summer. And there is nothing wrong with watching Full house. Full house is the best! We always watch Full house as well!

squiute said...

Oh Shelby, you be safe out on those roads!

Unknown said...

I swear you guys just play, play, play!!
McCall Johnson