Thursday, September 25, 2014


Here is what has been going on the last few weeks.
Went to lunch with this pretty lady!  We have been friends for over 20 years!
 We are still having some nice summer afternoons, so we have got the water toys out a few times.
 Keaton and I took my parents seats at a University of Utah football game.  Lots of fun!
 I sure love this sweet boy!
 I got a REALLY cute nephew named Talmage. 
 We got a new couch.  YAY!
 Chloe likes to play with cars every day.  She lines every single car we own(which is a lot) into a huge line.
 Shelby still loves bugs.  She played with this grasshopper for a few days.
 Alysia and I had to do our annual pirate dress up day to get a free dozen doughnuts. 
 Those are just about the 2 cutest pirates that I know.
 We decided to do something fun after school yesterday so I took the kids to this new swimming pool that they built by us.  The kids loved it.


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

My kids love grasshoppers as well.

Morgan said...

LOVE the new couch :) - oh and also that new nephew Talmage is my favorite also :)

Kevin said...

I didn't know you got a new couch! I like it! (Alysia)

tysqui said...

I like that couch! Also, I remember lining all my cars up every day just like Chloe. Back in the good old days.