Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Africa Day Three- Afternoon and Evening

After we finished up at the Jiggers we went to my parents house, which is also in Jinja and got cleaned up.
 I had told my parents that the only reason that I was coming to visit was for the HUGE avocados that they get in their backyard....they had moved from the capital of Kampala to Jinja right before we got there and luckily they had an avocado tree at their new house too! 
 My beautiful baby.
 We went to this yummy restaurant called The Keep.  We got some fries and these fantastic lime smoothies.
 We looked up and saw a bat on the ceiling.  Gross.  The person sitting next to us pointed up towards the ceiling above them and there were around 16 bats above them!  Double gross!
 That evening we went to the Nile River Resort for dinner.  My parents had seen monkeys there before and we were not disappointed.  They were everywhere!  It was great to see them jumping from tree to tree and playing around.
 The location was gorgeous.  It was perfect weather and so cool to eat overlooking the Nile. 
 This is the baby monkey that I wanted to take home. 

 My mom had spilled her water...she is so sad.  The food was good.  I got a delicious pizza!
We watched the sunset.  Perfect.

 As we were waiting for our dinner a lizard dropped onto our table.  I jumped on top of Alysia and screamed. 
Last of all, these are the kinds of fun things that we do.  Here is a picture of a person taking a picture of a person taking a picture of a person taking a picture of a monkey.  Get that?

Africa Day Three-Morning

Day three was a busy day so I am going to break it up into two posts.  We didn't get much sleep that night, because we got in late and had to be on the road again by seven.  My mom had made some yummy muffins that we ate on the way to Jinja.  We went to a village and were able to be a part of an amazing project that the church is funding.  We were able to wash the feet of 100 children, get the jiggers(bugs) out of their feet, clean up their feet and get them into new shoes.
This was when we first pulled into the village.  These buildings are the school. 
The kids were so happy to see us.  They love the camera and always want to see the picture afterwards.  Whenever you are taking a picture they would jump up and down.

 Here are all the new shoes for the kids
 This is the inside of one of the classrooms.
Here is the station that they would get their feet washed.
My mom was on this station.
 After the kids feet were clean they would move to the next station where they would get the jiggers cut out of their feet with a blade.  They were so brave and none of them cried. 
 Some cute kids in line
 After the jiggers were cut out, their feet would be bleeding.  Alysia and I were on the next station, which was putting hydrogen peroxide and iodine on their feet and get them to stop bleeding.  Hydrogen peroxide hurts, but again these kids were brave. 
 I loved working with the kids.  They don't smile very often so I would try and get each one to smile for me.
 They spray the huts they live in as well to try and kill the jiggers.
 This was the basin that they would soak their feet in.  It wasn't ideal because it couldn't be cleaned after each person so they were sharing the same bloody water. 
 This little girl was so cute.  After we were finished treating their feet then they would walk over to the shoe station for their brand new shoes!
 It wasn't just children that came in.  Towards the end some men and women came in too.  I love this lady.  She was so majestic and beautiful.
 Here is what a jigger egg looks like. 
Here is an African home in this village.
This was such an amazing experience.  I was so glad that we were in Africa for this project so that we could help these wonderful people!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Africa Day One/Two-Getting There

November 6th and 7th
I want to remember every single thing about this trip so I'm going to break it up into days. 
 It was hard to say goodbye to the kids and Tucker when I left for the airport.  I had major anxiety about a week before I left about the thought of leaving them.  This was the longest that I have been away from them. 
I wasn't planning on going to Africa when my parents got their mission call, but it didn't take long to realize that this was a once in a lifetime chance.  I booked my flights back in May and it seemed like November would never come!  Alysia decided to join me a few months later and I was so excited she did.  It was great to have someone to travel with and to share this experience this with.  We had so much fun together.  Lots of laughing and silliness.
 This was us on the plane leaving Salt Lake City.  Look how fresh we look!  I have never taken longer then a 6 or 7 hour stretch of flight so I was not looking forward to this.  Our flight time was around 27 hours.  We went from Salt Lake City to Detroit to Amsterdam to Rwanda to Uganda. We left on a Thursday morning and got to Uganda late Friday night.
 Alysia is an elite at Delta so she got priority boarding.  She put me in my place many times reminding me of her elite status.  ;)
 I found this sweetest note tucked away in my backpack from Shelby.  She was so worried about me going to Africa.
 This was our dinner from Detroit to Amsterdam.  Maybe it was lack of sleep or restlessness but as soon as we saw it we couldn't stop laughing...as in laughing so hard that tears were streaming down our faces.  People around us probably thought that we were crazy...which we probably are.
 It tasted as great as it looked.  We both had to try it though.
 We were able to watch a gorgeous sunrise as we flew into Amsterdam.
 Our next meal from Amsterdam to Rwanda was actually delicious! 
 The part we were waiting for!!!  We walked out of immigration and couldn't see them and thought that maybe they would be outside.  We took a few more steps and they came out from behind a post. Seeing my mom and dad reminded me of how much I truly miss them.  It's sometimes easy to push my feelings in the back of my mind but as soon as I saw them, the tears came!  They have been gone 9 months. 

The first night we drove to the city Kampala and stayed in the mission president's house.  They were not home this night but we met them later.  They were so incredibly kind and wonderful people.  Alysia and I had some fun with the mosquito netting and then were so excited to sleep in a bed after our long journey!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014!!

 We had a scaled back Halloween party last Sunday at my parents.  Most of the kids dressed up and everyone brought yummy appetizers.
 My cute police man, bat and Minnie mouse!
 I helped in Keaton's class for his Halloween party.  We played bingo and don't eat Pete!
 Right after Keaton's party, I went to Shelby's party and helped in her class.  Lots and lots of sugar was to be had that day.
 I adore this picture.  Look how Keaton is looking at Shelby.
 My trick or treaters out and about in the neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous night.  No jackets were needed!

 We always have the Steeds over on Halloween night.  Debby brings  her amazing chili, we celebrate Ngoc Lan's birthday and go out trick or treating.
 Lo Lo and Co Co.
 The birthday girl!
Scary bat!