Sunday, November 23, 2014

Africa Day One/Two-Getting There

November 6th and 7th
I want to remember every single thing about this trip so I'm going to break it up into days. 
 It was hard to say goodbye to the kids and Tucker when I left for the airport.  I had major anxiety about a week before I left about the thought of leaving them.  This was the longest that I have been away from them. 
I wasn't planning on going to Africa when my parents got their mission call, but it didn't take long to realize that this was a once in a lifetime chance.  I booked my flights back in May and it seemed like November would never come!  Alysia decided to join me a few months later and I was so excited she did.  It was great to have someone to travel with and to share this experience this with.  We had so much fun together.  Lots of laughing and silliness.
 This was us on the plane leaving Salt Lake City.  Look how fresh we look!  I have never taken longer then a 6 or 7 hour stretch of flight so I was not looking forward to this.  Our flight time was around 27 hours.  We went from Salt Lake City to Detroit to Amsterdam to Rwanda to Uganda. We left on a Thursday morning and got to Uganda late Friday night.
 Alysia is an elite at Delta so she got priority boarding.  She put me in my place many times reminding me of her elite status.  ;)
 I found this sweetest note tucked away in my backpack from Shelby.  She was so worried about me going to Africa.
 This was our dinner from Detroit to Amsterdam.  Maybe it was lack of sleep or restlessness but as soon as we saw it we couldn't stop in laughing so hard that tears were streaming down our faces.  People around us probably thought that we were crazy...which we probably are.
 It tasted as great as it looked.  We both had to try it though.
 We were able to watch a gorgeous sunrise as we flew into Amsterdam.
 Our next meal from Amsterdam to Rwanda was actually delicious! 
 The part we were waiting for!!!  We walked out of immigration and couldn't see them and thought that maybe they would be outside.  We took a few more steps and they came out from behind a post. Seeing my mom and dad reminded me of how much I truly miss them.  It's sometimes easy to push my feelings in the back of my mind but as soon as I saw them, the tears came!  They have been gone 9 months. 

The first night we drove to the city Kampala and stayed in the mission president's house.  They were not home this night but we met them later.  They were so incredibly kind and wonderful people.  Alysia and I had some fun with the mosquito netting and then were so excited to sleep in a bed after our long journey!


McCall said...

SO jealous of this awesome trip! You have the best parents! I want to go visit them too :D

Mrs. Egg said...

What an amazing experience. I can't wait to see more.