Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Africa Day Three-Morning

Day three was a busy day so I am going to break it up into two posts.  We didn't get much sleep that night, because we got in late and had to be on the road again by seven.  My mom had made some yummy muffins that we ate on the way to Jinja.  We went to a village and were able to be a part of an amazing project that the church is funding.  We were able to wash the feet of 100 children, get the jiggers(bugs) out of their feet, clean up their feet and get them into new shoes.
This was when we first pulled into the village.  These buildings are the school. 
The kids were so happy to see us.  They love the camera and always want to see the picture afterwards.  Whenever you are taking a picture they would jump up and down.

 Here are all the new shoes for the kids
 This is the inside of one of the classrooms.
Here is the station that they would get their feet washed.
My mom was on this station.
 After the kids feet were clean they would move to the next station where they would get the jiggers cut out of their feet with a blade.  They were so brave and none of them cried. 
 Some cute kids in line
 After the jiggers were cut out, their feet would be bleeding.  Alysia and I were on the next station, which was putting hydrogen peroxide and iodine on their feet and get them to stop bleeding.  Hydrogen peroxide hurts, but again these kids were brave. 
 I loved working with the kids.  They don't smile very often so I would try and get each one to smile for me.
 They spray the huts they live in as well to try and kill the jiggers.
 This was the basin that they would soak their feet in.  It wasn't ideal because it couldn't be cleaned after each person so they were sharing the same bloody water. 
 This little girl was so cute.  After we were finished treating their feet then they would walk over to the shoe station for their brand new shoes!
 It wasn't just children that came in.  Towards the end some men and women came in too.  I love this lady.  She was so majestic and beautiful.
 Here is what a jigger egg looks like. 
Here is an African home in this village.
This was such an amazing experience.  I was so glad that we were in Africa for this project so that we could help these wonderful people!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Eww! That looks really gross and painful

squiute said...

Always a great experience but even better when you can share it with two of your girls!