Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014!!

 We had a scaled back Halloween party last Sunday at my parents.  Most of the kids dressed up and everyone brought yummy appetizers.
 My cute police man, bat and Minnie mouse!
 I helped in Keaton's class for his Halloween party.  We played bingo and don't eat Pete!
 Right after Keaton's party, I went to Shelby's party and helped in her class.  Lots and lots of sugar was to be had that day.
 I adore this picture.  Look how Keaton is looking at Shelby.
 My trick or treaters out and about in the neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous night.  No jackets were needed!

 We always have the Steeds over on Halloween night.  Debby brings  her amazing chili, we celebrate Ngoc Lan's birthday and go out trick or treating.
 Lo Lo and Co Co.
 The birthday girl!
Scary bat!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

Adorable kids! Yes it was perfect weather! I loved it!!

squiute said...

Three, very, very, very cute costumes. Well done!