Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Africa Day Eight

We got to sleep in a little bit this day.  It was wonderful after waking up so early for many days in a row.  We had a yummy breakfast and got to visit with the mission president and his wife for a little bit.  They were incredible people and I was happy to have the time to hear some of their stories.  Sister Chatfield gave Alysia and I a cute rock hippo when we left.
We were going to be driving back to Jinja so we stopped at a store in Kampala.  They had lots of yummy fruit.  This was a very westernized store.  My dad bought about 3 dozen coke zero's.
 After we got back to Jinja we went to the source of the Nile which is really close to where my parents live now.  The Nile is formed by an underground spring.  You could see ripples of where it was coming up.  It seems crazy that that much water could come from one spring.  They had an interesting monument about the discovery of the source.

The locals would give boat rides in those little canoes.  We didn't partake.
 After that we did some shopping and found some amazing unisex quality garments.
 My dad took us to a place that he said had yummy steak.  It was surprisingly good.
 Here are some more pictures of the scenery.  It's so green!
 The women all carry massive amounts of things on their heads.