Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Africa Day Five

Monday morning we woke up early to get on the road to Parra.  This is where we were going to be staying for two days and doing our safaris!!  I was beyond excited for this.  This was something on my bucket list that I never thought that I would be able to do. 
It was a six hour drive, but we always seem to find ways to keep us entertained. 
My dad bought us these malted pineapple drinks.  They were pretty good. 
We had to take a ferry across the Nile and the ferry only runs every two hours.  We were going to be about 10 mins late so we thought we were going to miss it.  Luckily we just barely made it. 
Another senior couple in my parents mission had their children visiting as well so we did this together.  It was fun having them there.
These our the mission trucks.  They took a lot of abuse driving the road to get here!
Alysia always ponders life when she is on the Nile. 
 A back view of our resort overlooking the Nile.
 We got to our resort and had a delicious meal.  The food was actually really yummy!
My mummy.
 I prefer to ponder life over lunch.
 Next up is our safari!  My parents hired a guide named Simon that came with us in our car.  He was so knowledgeable.  He has two wives and only goes home every three months or so.  We saw a lot of Buffalo and had to take lots of pictures because Keaton has been doing a huge project on Bison so I wanted to show him the difference.  Buffalo do not live in North America. 
 We saw lots of Antelope.  I can't remember if this one is the Jackson hartebeest or the Kob.
 I was SO excited to see giraffes!  I had always wanted to see them in the wild.  It was truly amazing!
 It was so amazing to spend this time with Alysia and my parents.  Look at those giraffes!
 What amazing parents I have.  That are sacrificing so much to be in Africa but are being so blessed as well.  I sure love them!
 Here is our guide Simon.  He carried a gun everywhere but only has used it once during his training.
 A beautiful crane.
 We saw lots of Elephants.  Which were another favorite of mine.  Simon said that elephants can be very mean and will charge cars and people.  Luckily we didn't have any of that. 
 I love this picture of the sun setting over the African savannah and the antelope in the road.
 Just a herd of giraffes and the Nile in the background.  No big deal.
 More elephant!
This was another favorite of the day.  Simon said that lion's are hard to find and usually they do not see them.  We came to a point in our safari that he could tell a lion was nearby because of the way the other animals around were acting.  We actually went off roading through the brush and came around this tree and saw this lion laying underneath of it.  My mom literally tried to jump on top of my dad because it startled her.  The rest of us were snapping away.  She didn't seem to mind us. 
My mom did manage to snap this amazing picture.
 Another favorite
Probably every 10 minutes Alysia and I would do something amazing like this.  I'm sure Simon and my parents appreciated it. 
We came back to the resort, had another great meal and then headed to bed with our lovely mosquito netting.  Perfect day.


Kevin said...

Ummm, Let me help a sista out with my antelope expertise. That would be the Kob. And I think you forgot to metion your soda exploding all over you. :) (ps I may just copy and paste youe africa stuff to my blog so keep it up!)

McCall said...

I cannot contain my jealousy!

squiute said...

Your parents did appreciate the reflective poses.