Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Africa Day Four

Day four was Sunday.  We woke up and went to 10am church.  We got there an hour early because my dad had a meeting so we got to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and meet some of the nicest people.  I think EVERY single person in that ward came up to us and met us and welcomed us.  It was very eye opening.  We should be more like them!
 As soon as we got there, this sweet little girl followed us around every where we went.  She sat with us at church too. 
 They have a lovely meeting house. 
 We snagged this baby during church and got to hold him for a few minutes.  These babies are to die for!
 After church we had one of my dad's delicious roasts with potatoes, carrots and onions.  The man can cook!  After dinner we headed back to Kampala because we were going to be leaving early the next morning.  Here are some scenery pictures of our drive. 

We were staying at the Mission president's house that night again.  We played a fun game of Heads Up.  It's a game where you try and get the person to guess the word that was on the IPad.  One of the categories was accents and my mom was trying to get my dad to guess Scottish.  She did a perfect pirate impression and we laughed so hard...You probably had to be there but it was hilarious.