Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Africa Day Nine

Friday was our last day in Africa.  We woke up in Jinja and packed up all of our stuff because we wouldn't be back before we went to the airport.  On our trip to Africa I had managed to hit my head over and over on the truck as I was getting into the car.  It was weird.  I was going out of my parents gate and had been warned probably 30 seconds earlier to not hit my head on the gate...Obviously I managed to hit my head...The guard thought it was funny.  Here is my recreation of that.
Alysia came out a few minutes later and also hit her head...the guard that it was doubly funny.  Here is Alysia's recreation.
My parents view out of their front door.
Alysia and I really wanted to go help out at the orphanage so my parents made that happen.  It was so sad and amazing to be there all at the same time.  The kids would just climb onto your lap wanting some affection.  We got to hold these sweet babies for a while. 
Alysia put this sweet little baby (Joy) to sleep.  They woke her up shortly after by splashing water in her face.
Alysia was put in charge of feeding all of these toddlers.  This picture is only of half of them that were on the bench.  
My mom and I were in charge of feeding and changing the small babies.  I wanted to take them home so badly.  I just know I could give them a good home!

This little boy was so dang cute!  His eyes would follow me around and beg me to pick him up!
This was the view from the orphanage overlooking Kampala.
As we were leaving, they had just gotten these 2 TINY twin babies...they were probably only a few days old.  
After the orphanage we went down to the equator.  I had never been in the southern hemisphere so I was pretty excited about it.  

We obviously had to do an amazing photoshoot.
It's like these guys are on two different hemispheres sometimes.

The women and children carry everything on their heads.  Lots of heavy stuff too.  Their water jugs are huge and they have to carry them from the water hole to the village.  I liked this picture of the lady carrying all of these sticks. 
On a side note, The traffic in Uganda is absolutely insane.  It would give me terrible anxiety because there are no rules or lanes or rhyme or reason to how people drive.  Sometimes it takes hours to go a few miles.  It's mostly boda-bodas (motorcycle's) and taxi's everywhere that just weave in and out and cut people off.  We only got stuck in a few major traffic jams, but getting anywhere took a lot of time.  One night as we were coming home in the dark, a soccer game had just gotten over and there were people everywhere.  It was a madhouse.  Some guys with rollerblades grabbed the back of the truck and rode with us for the longest time.  We were going 40+ miles per hour!  
Before we were dropped off at the airport to go home we went to eat at this amazing restuarant.  It was fantastic.  
My baaba.
It's all fun and games until someone gets a lime in their eye.
This sandwich was delicious!  


squiute said...

You have to be "special" to hit your head on the gate! OK, just yesterday, for the first time since we moved here, I hit it hard going out for my walk. It is still sore two days later. :)