Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Africa Day Seven

Once again we were up early enough to be able to watch another gorgeous African sunrise.  We had to leave early because we were heading across the park to another resort.
 This was our view at breakfast.  Can't beat that!
 The drive across the park was a treacherous one.  It does not get traveled often and the grass had completely overgrown the road in many parts.  The grass would cover the entire car and we had to hope that we were still on the road as we could not see anything in front of us.  We did get to see some more giraffes, monkeys and antelopes. 
 I love this little baby giraffe!
 The resort in Chobe was gorgeous.  Lots of wonderful views and grass going all of the way down to the Nile.

 There were lots of these lizards
 We went for a walk and happened to catch a hippo fight.  The males will fight to the death.

 We also saw this cute heard of elephants.
After our walk, we were sitting down saw this mom and baby hippo. 

Look at that pool!
 We had to bask in the November sun for a while.  I was in heaven.
 The dining area was amazing too.  We were the only group there.

 It was really hot, we cooled ourselves off with the frozen butter.
I also enjoyed more avocados.
 My dad took this picture of this warthog looking down from the balcony.
So prestigious.
 Best dad ever!
 Alysia had brought these balls with her so we could hand them out to the kids.  As we were driving home, we passed them out.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the kids.  Most of them were so happy!  Some of them were scared and ran away.  We drove the six hour drive back to Kampala, quickly changed at the mission president's house and headed to our next adventure; an African music and dance show.
 Most of the people in the show would work here to pay for their schooling.  They did a great job.
 We sipped our soda's during the show.

A couple of the girls balanced nine pots on their heads!


Jackie and Chris Harmon said...

So fun! Love the pictures!!